A family's worst nightmare

One of your family members goes missing, and day after day that goes by with no answer has got to be one of the most painful things you can go through. Such as the case that is going on right here in Bismarck. 18-year-old Chase Hurdle has been missing since last Tuesday.

The last time Chase was seen was on surveillance video

According to KFYR TV "Surveillance video from the high school shows Hurdle wearing plastic-framed glasses, a blue long sleeve shirt, and blue jeans while leaving the building Tuesday morning. He was last seen around 9:45 am that day near Memorial Bridge in Bismarck. This bright young man who has blossomed as a straight-A high school student at Bismarck high school has shown signs of depression lately KFYR TV reports.

An emotional worried father speaks out

Yesterday the father of Chase, Darius Hurdle spoke with the press along with Bismarck Police Sgt. Mark Gaddis. Many things were talked about regarding Chase's mental state. Darius relayed that Chase has dealt with issues regarding amnesia and that his son may not know where he is. The Hurdle family has offered a reward of $5,000 to $10,000 for information on finding Chase. “Please help him. Help us locate my son Chase Hurdle. I appreciate all your help,” KFYR TV added

A city feels a father's pain

The video from the press conference yesterday rips your heart out. The obvious pain in the eyes of a father that is waiting for every second to hear good news or bad. The video tells us of the many things in life that Chase loves, singing in the choir, spending time at the park, playing soccer. All wonderful things that make this young man so special. You can see for yourself and feel, and hear the absolute emotion that a father has for his son as he sent out this message to Chase "We love you, we miss you, we can help you. Let others help you find me. I want you to come home"


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