The second I saw this story my whole day changed

I'm quite sure others felt the same way, instantly putting a warm glow in our hearts, "keeping our tails wagged all day long" - I know from experience the sheer joy of adopting an animal, a poor cat or dog that is just trying to have what they so deserve, a loving person, family to love, and to have that affection returned. So when I saw this post, this picture, I immediately could relate to the new owner and a dog with a brand new life ahead of him.

Bismarck Animal Control Facebook Page
Bismarck Animal Control Facebook Page

Say "Hello" to Link

This dog came to the Bismarck Animal Control over a year ago - Was he somehow abandoned? What was the situation? Not good. However Link was treated before, and it was obvious he had some emotional and maybe physical scars. The amazing people at the Bismarck Animal Control took their time and began a slow relationship with Link. Takes time to build trust with an animal who more than likely had nobody care for him in the past. Here is the tough part, this dog deep down wanted to be cared for, but wasn't a pretty package for anyone who came to adopt an animal.

Now say "Hello" to Andy

This past weekend a blessing for both Link and and a man named Andy happened. According to a Facebook post from Bismarck Animal Control "...We never gave up on him, and our prayers were finally answered, this past Sunday Andy walked into the kennel"

Bismarck Animal Control Facebook 

I talked to Andy Hamlin on the phone this afternoon...."Link came right out of the gate when we first met, tense only for like a second or two, then it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT"

Merry Christmas - To Andy, Link, and the wonderful people at Bismarck Animal Control!


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