We now are slowly seeing sports come back on playing fields all over the country - The coronavirus came in with fury and sent everyone to either the hospital or quarantined to their homes. Those that survived the whole "never leave the house" ordeal is starting to feel alive again. The deadly COVID-19 has taken so many lives and still is among us today. Are we cheating death when we are out and about? I'm certainly not trying to make this so dramatic, but when you think about it, people are sick and tired of being a prisoner held captive, some still wear masks, others try to grab back their normal routines without donning one.

Then there are those that walked among danger 24 hours a day - Men and women serving our country - one such individual is Josh Wege. Retired Marine Lance Corporal Wege is a double amputee - just 19 years old, on patrol, driving through roads in Afghanistan, Josh had a near-fatal encounter with an IED ( Improvised explosive device ). Imagine what he went through in the terrifying seconds, minutes that followed the blast, laying there trying to do a personal inventory of his body - closing his eyes waiting for death to barge in. The amazing thing is, his whole changed in that quick time frame.

Today, eleven years later, Josh a Purple Heart recipient, plays softball for the USA PATRIOTS charity softball team. He is studying to become prosthesis, his goal is to give back to those that are experiencing emotionally and physically the loss of any limbs. With his team, Josh travels to different towns, walks the playing fields spreading amazing strength and hope. Last night this inspirational man smelled the green grass of Bismarck's Municipal Ballpark, and his teammates took on a local celebrity team. The scoreboard meant nothing, what mattered most was that life can change in a split-second, and a true like Hero was standing tall. For more on this click here.


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