"Bismarck People Reporting News" - Pretty much the EYES and EARS of this town...

...well the EYES anyway. The Bismarck People Reporting News Facebook Group Page has almost something for everybody most days. If someone has a question on "where to go to get a good deal on tires?" - more than likely 99% of the replies back from residents will be positive - but there are the occasional people who love to be cynical, sarcastic...and downright mean. So the second I saw this post yesterday I immediately thought of someone with guts ( Anonymous guts )

It's usually something you only see in the movies

Sounds like a Hollywood plot, and the refreshing thing is that THIS DOES happen in real life - even out here in Bismarck, Mandan. Here is what someone posted yesterday for all of us to read:

"I know this isn't a singles group, but I'm throwing this out there. This is for the gorgeous, long haired blonde that was walking out of the North Bismarck Wal-Mart at approximately 5:30 tonight with a little boy. ( Wed.Jan 24 ). I'm hoping you are a member of this group. You smiled & mouthed "Hi" at me as we passed behind a pickup in the parking lot. I don't know if this was a ND nice smile or a I think you're cute smile. But if you are available and interested I would like to get your info. I know I will get beat up in the comments, but I have to shoot the shot I missed out on earlier."

The man or woman that wrote that signed off as anonymous.

I was quite surprised that I didn't see one negative comment. I couldn't find the post today, not sure if it was removed or MAYBE they found each other. I also found it interesting that so many others were bitten by a good old-fashioned love bug. Several people responded with encouragement, and most of us are pulling for Mr. or Miss Anonymous who "took a chance" -  Perhaps if this person found who he or she was looking for, PLEASE follow up with all of us who are anticipating a love connection.

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