Seems like yesterday I drove up to Hardee's here in Mandan and saw the bad news

I was in the mood for one of their classic burgers - swiss cheese and mushrooms, and the sauce that went on it - unfortunately my stomach was shattered when I saw the note they had posted on their front door -

                 "We Have Closed

     Thank you to all of our loyal patrons and Guests.

             Please visit us at our Bismarck  Location"     

This was back in early September of last year. I drove by the very next morning to take some pictures, and a gentleman inside had no answers as to why they closed.The questions that come up now are obvious ones

I remember seeing a post on the Bismarck People Reporting News Group's Facebook page - someone had heard or saw some information that the old Hardee's spot had been purchased - rumors started flying after that - "A new Taco Bell was coming" - "Please don't build another bank" - one anonymous member was pretty adamant that a new Chinese restaurant would fill the gap. So far nobody has come forward with any legitimate information about solid plans - I think it's fun to see what the public wants the most, and some ideas are just plain goofy. I agree with someone who suggested Jack In The Box. I think we have all of our bases covered with car washes. I think the smartest thing any new business owner could do is figure out what Bismarck/Mandan does not have. Then move on from there. I'm quite sure by mid-summer we will see who takes over that property, and see if they can make it work.



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