A wonderful couple of weeks last month, our fleet of radio station vehicles went out and experienced the joy of wishing kids happy birthday. US 103.3, 96.5 The Fox, Hot 97-5, and Cool 98.7 on-air personalities driving in and out of town with the main purpose of delivering individuals one-by-one our greeting - armed with a small bag of goodies. The idea worked out perfectly, for when you think back to what it was like when you were a kid - birthdays were always planned out and celebrated with pool parties, hot dogs, presents, and most of the neighborhood kids hanging out at your backyard all day. We remembered those times, and with the whole coronavirus 'Social Distancing" ruining everyday life, especially kids and their special day, we put it out there, for parents to get ahold of us and plan a birthday-drive-by. Watching each youngster's eyes light up, and the smiles on everyone's faces when we stopped by, was such an amazing feeling. So when I read about Mike Porter's Monday night adventure, I could completely relate.

Mike is a P.E teacher at Solheim Elementary school. He has taken upon himself during this whole "Stay At Home" ordeal, to spending his personal time walking and biking around neighborhoods around the school, checking in on his students, giving encouragement, all from a safe distance of course. Good karma is always rewarded. Last night, a parade of more than a hundred cars returned the favor by driving by Mike's house with messages of love. His smile and tears were quite evident. Check out the story and video here.


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