The coronavirus has caused major havoc throughout the world. Our economy has been destroyed, the unemployment rate has soared. The cost of life is staggering. March was an eerie month, to say the least. With so many people staying at home, depression settled in as well. We've all battled through into May, where just a " faint light at the end of the tunnel" has finally appeared. For those that suffer from addiction, too much idle time at home can be deadly. The most important part of recovery is to attend AA or NA meetings, to be out amongst others who are going through it. These are tools that we need to utilize, to remain sober. Once you stray away from the program, the odds of you staying sober are slim - Judith Roberts, Director of Hope Manor sober living homes, is well aware of these dangers, and she has created "The Hub" here in Bismarck.

This wonderful place will be a safe, comfortable haven for those not only in recovery but for our community. A safety net is HUGE for anyone with any length of sobriety,'The Hub" will provide hope, fellowship, family gatherings, and a healthy environment. Judith hopes the new encouraging facility will open the first week of July. The address is 321 South First Street in Bismarck. We all need each other, especially through these scary times. I am looking forward to personally visiting "The Hub", I have 11 years of sobriety which doesn't make me any kind of expert at all, I do know this though, people need people, old-timers NEED the newcomers just as much as they NEED us. For more on this wonderful story, click here

One last thing, for those of you that are suffering from alcohol or drug abuse, you find yourself in doubt of your future, about ready to give up - THERE IS A WAY OUT.


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