This by far is one of the hardest weekends of the year for me...

...but I want so much for EVERYONE to embrace this weekend and BE with your mom. Do what you can to avoid the same mistakes I made years ago. Whether it's just a phone call OR a simple drive over to your mom's house - Do this now if you can.

I am not trying to make anyone feel sorry for me one bit, my main goal is for you to really grasp how special this weekend is

Yes, this Sunday is Mother's Day. The forecast is for simple clouds and a comfortable temp of around 77 degrees. Like so many others, I never gave much thought to losing my mom, one morning you wake up and have the hard realization that you'll never see or talk to her again. I'm desperately trying to forgive myself for NOT being there, I mean I lived in San Diego, just 20 miles away, BUT I wasn't THERE for her in the last year of her life - I squandered precious time by turning to alcohol when I COULD have been with her and the rest of my family for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday and other occasions which I selfishly blew off - I'm an alcoholic that chose the bottle.

I made those mistakes that will haunt me forever, you don't have to

PLEASE take some time for yourself and think about the millions of little things your mom has done for you in your lifetime - as we get older it's SO easy to place other things and people ahead of the ONE person that would do anything in the world just to be by your side -if only for a few precious minutes. I'm clearly not a good writer, but this morning I wanted to try and do and say something special to MY mom and all the BisMan Moms as well. Thank you to my friend Michelle for recording this - Happy Mother's Day Bismarck.

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