A special weekend coming up here in Bismarck/Mandan - Sunday we all take time to celebrate our mom. The woman that has sacrificed herself a trillion times over. Our mom has been with us through the good and the bad - who suffers more of OUR pain than we do. We take for granted so many times that our mom will always be there. She led us through the early years, teaching life lessons along the way. Mothers listened as we voiced our discontent with school, bullies, broken hearts. Although we all should incorporate the obvious, EVERY DAY should be Mother's Day.

This year, however things have changed quite a bit -  the coronavirus is here, and doesn't seem to be leaving soon. The virus has caused destruction, ruining our economy, killing people in mass numbers, for the most part, handcuffed us to our home. What used to be a no-brainer trip to be with mom on Mother's Day weekend, has put a halt to our travels. Welcome to a new way of honoring mom - Social Distancing.

There are many creative ways to pamper your mom during this pandemic period - a VIRTUAL party! Everyone can stay safe and miles apart from one another. The trend lately, is to continue to live life the best we can and adapt to this new VIRTUAL EVERYTHING. Plan on the whole family getting together Sunday and showing mom the one thing coronavirus can't take away, LOVE. A VIRTUAL online celebration - for more ideas on a quarantine Mother's Day, click here.

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