Well by now we are all used to hearing stories from people who are at home, doing their part to "Self Isolate". What seemed so odd weeks before, as the coronavirus started gathering steam, now is completely the norm-STAY HOME! We must distance ourselves ( at least 6 feet apart ) and bunker down in our homes, to try and drive away this awful virus. We have seen businesses, entertainment venues, schools that have closed their doors temporarily.  For those lucky enough to have a job that allows them to work from home, not so bad. They can put forth their energy into staying productive.

The tales of many, of the sheer boredom of having their normal routines taken away, now it's a challenge for the creative souls to make-do of this situation. One gentleman in particular, is practicing his talents through his two dogs, in his own backyard.Scottish sports broadcaster Andrew Cotter, who normally covers golf and rugby for the BBC, has been sidelined thanks to the wicked disease. Watch with delight, as Andrew utilizes his gift, and amuses us all.



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