When a miracle happens on Christmas day it's a blessing we should never forget

Of course, a miracle on any given day demands attention. This one though happened with people who take such things in stride, whose job it is to provide protection and who save lives. Can you imagine having a job like that, wherein just a split second, your actions can make a difference in someone's life.

Driving along on slippery roads on Christmas day in North Dakota

Natives of North Dakota are no stranger to dangerous roads in the winter, all it takes is just a lack of judgment, or swerving to miss hitting something, and suddenly you and your vehicle are out of control. According to KFYR TV "A Minot man was seriously hurt when he lost control of his vehicle while traveling on Christmas day. North Dakota State Troopers say Matthew Melbarzdis, 23, was driving from Minot to Burlington on County Highway..." The few times I have experienced spinning out due to black ice was terrifying, the only thing I remembered was to not fight it, or jam on the brakes. I made it through without a scratch, Matthew did not.

First responders came across the young man inside a car that had rolled over into a ditch and came to rest on its hood

This is when men and women in the line of duty face a situation of life and death. This is their job. KFYR TV added "First responders extracted him from his vehicle and performed life-saving measures" On a day where most people are at home with their family, exchanging presents and enjoying a relaxing Christmas morning, real modest heroes are out there in our community making a living, and literally saving lives. Matthew was given a special gift that day he will never forget.

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