Kickstands up, and get  ready to head out to Menoken Grove

Get yourself ready for a glorious day with your friends and your motorcycle for ABATE of North Dakota  - Menoken Grove 49th Motorcycle Rally Friday, June 7th through June 9th. This wonderful group has helped save lives with their dedication and training- teaching others the joys and skills, AND the rules of the road while riding on a motorcycle.

ABATE of North Dakota
ABATE of North Dakota

Just this morning our engineer here at our radio station remarked seeing some people out and about at ABATE, on their bikes, going through their excellent training routines....on a SUNDAY. This says it all about ABATE:

"ABATE Is a not-for-profit, social membership-driven, organization dedicated to preserving motorcyclists' freedom of choice and freedom of the road. Our main goal is to promote motorcycle safety, awareness, training and protect the rights of motorcyclists everywhere"

Next month your chance to experience an awesome event -

Friday, June 7th - Sunday, June 9th

Menoken Grove
3402 171st St NE, Menoken 
ABATE of North Dakota Facebook
ABATE of North Dakota Facebook

Imagine taking a couple of days off to decompress, get out of town, and hang out with friends, enjoy some entertainment from two different bands - Frantic Anarchy and BOOZ.N.TUNA - oh sure there will be plenty of leather - sewing - Tattoos...and I'm guessing some alcohol drinks will be available. All in a safe controlled environment.

We are always grateful to ABATE of North Dakota for being a part of our 2024 Bike Night at Sickies. They are always there to encourage others and answer any questions about motorcycle safety. Don't miss this rally...Don't miss our Bike Nights coming up, starting May 29th - Sickies Garage Burgers and Brew - Wednesday nights - 5:00 pm -8;30 pm.


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