The topsy-turvy world of Pro Football continues for North Dakota State alumni Carson Wentz. There is no doubt the amount of pressure an NFL quarterback faces from week to week, and if you play for the Philadelphia Eagles, that is magnified a trillion times over. Carson, a second overall pick by the Eagles back in 2016, blossomed in 2017 as he led Philadelphia to an 11-2 record before he suffered a season-ending ACL injury in his left knee. He would eventually celebrate a Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots, watching Nick Foles taking snaps in his place. Last year Wentz threw for an Eagles franchise record most yards in a single season - 4,039. 2019 was also when he signed a handsome four-year, $128 million contract extension with $107 million guaranteed, keeping him locked in through the 2024 season. He also suffered a head injury in the NFC Wild card game, in a 17-9 loss against Seattle.

This year the National Football League has had to deal with the biggest hurdle ever - COVID-19. Carson back at it again, returning from injury, started racking up interceptions thrown. After the first three games, six picks were lifted off him. Something was amiss ( besides the interceptions ) the Eagles and Wentz were clearly struggling. The fans out in Philly are THE worst in sports, many athletes will tell you their stories of hell while playing for ANY team in that city. They have no more patients for this year's worst QB in football. Carson was benched, bringing on Jalen Hurts ( Wentz making it very clear he does NOT want to be a back-up quarterback ). just recently reported about the swirling rumors of Mr. Wentz possibly being traded to the Indianapolis Colts. "Should the Colts pursue a trade for Carson Wentz if he comes at a discount?"

Here is what the Philadelphia front office is no doubt losing sleep over - For context, Wentz is owed $78.4 million over the next four seasons in base salary and comes with an annual cap hit of close to $33.5 million.

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