When it comes to marketing, one band stands head and shoulders above the rest: Kiss. You can literally buy almost anything with the Kiss logo on it, including condoms and a casket. However, I believe AC/DC may have found something Kiss hasn't cashed in on yet...Their own beer.

AC/DC Beer is only available in a few select countries, including Germany. According to the beer's website, ACDC-beer.com, "AC / DC Premium Beer is 568 ml authentic German premium full-bodied beer with 5% alcohol by volume, the 5-liter keg of beers is the roadie for the rock group of friends. Ignites on the tongue like a ton of TNT - and taste every beer lover . Brewed in the sense of rock'n'roll bid of 1973 and according to the German Purity Law of 1516." (Note: That's translated from German so if it reads a little odd, that's why.)

If I had my choice, I'd love to have a beer named after me. For starters, I love beer and so do all of the people I associate myself with. So, why wouldn't I want to name this nectar of the Gods after myself? Maybe I'll start producing micro-brews in my kitchen and sell Bing Beer out of my truck. Thoughts?

Oh, and if they don't use this song for any and all marketing...They're totally missing the boat.