My friend and I were talking about this over the weekend, about those that have a political sign on their property. You've seen them I'm sure. Whether it's your best friend right next door, or a neighbor you never really got to know at the end of your cul-de-sac. A political sign planted firmly into the ground on THEIR property. Of course, it is everyone's right to be able to express their political view for all to see, but do people pass judgment on them because of it? Sure they do.

The signs usually pop up about a month or so before voting day, as far as I know, there is no rule that says how early you can post signs - BUT there certainly is one about how long you can keep them up after the General Election is over. According to KXNET, you have ten days to remove all political signs off your property. People might counter that with "Why do I have to remove them if they are on private property?" The answer to that is in the Bismarck City Code handbook ( if there is one ) - “In order to balance the free speech rights of citizens regarding candidate choices or ballot measures to be decided at special, primary or general elections with the interests of the city in maintaining a safe and clean environment for its citizens, the commission adopts the following rules with respect to political campaign signs placed in residential areas: Political campaign signs placed in residential districts must be removed within 10 days following the election.”   

In conclusion, if the 10-day rule seems just a tad harsh, you can relocate to Mandan, they do not appear to have a similar removal requirement for political signs.





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