There are many things as we go through our lives that will store nicely in our brain - memories that are easily pulled up when we need to go to our "happy place" - For me, I have several - the first time I came to the plate as a little leaguer - walking to high school for my freshman year - AND the smell of a brand new car! The coolness of driving off the lot. There is nothing better than that feeling of having your own vehicle. To those that just recently received their first sparkling driver's license (ugly picture attached of course), you may be itching to get out there and experience everything I previously mentioned. Hang on though.....

According to KFYRTV, there is yet another shortage going on. We shouldn't expect anything less, after such a disastrous 2020 year. The latest is a national car shortage. On a normal year, the lot at Bill Barth Ford-Kia is pretty full. But, sales associates say that’s not the case this year due to the pandemic. The reason the car salesmen and women are saying is a chip shortage, a result of decreased automobile demand at the start of the pandemic. Technology in the newer cars obviously relies on the chips.

So just how much of a shortage are we talking about? They are saying almost 50 % lower than what it usually is. Keith Hapip, sales representative with Bill Barth Ford-Kia said that due to the shortage there has been an increase in special orders. "We might not have one of every color, but we can try to get you what you need,”   

Patience is a virtue - for the special orders come with a wait time of about three months. So worth it in my opinion!


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