I think it's an understatement when I say things have changed quite a bit since I was in school - NO I'm not 103 years old, but there was a time when social media wasn't around, and Google was only something a one-year-old baby would blurt out after his or her bout with the bottle. I remember though there was some dumb aptitude test I took to see what career path I was headed to (I'm pretty sure I failed it if that's even possible). Of course, I ended up in radio and not the male modeling business (he's got the FACE for radio).

Here in Bismarck, we may have a future writer in our midst. According to KFYRTV,  A Bismarck fourth-grader is getting a lot of attention for her doodle. Makenna Krukenberg is the state winner in the “Doodle for Google” contest. So impressive of her entry, she is now one of 54 that have been chosen for the next round. Curious about what she submitted? She flexed her young creative muscles and her idea was explained: "I have a nurse, a mail carrier, a grocery store clerk and the COVID vaccine and then the ‘e’ wearing a mask.”

Her imaginations have propelled her to reach for the stars, and her hope is that she finishes in the "Top 5". You can go online and cast your vote for Makenna at https://doodles.google.com/d4g/. 

 One doodle will be chosen as the national winner. In addition to a college scholarship, the winner will also get a technology package for their school and the winning doodle will be displayed on google.com for a day. 

No matter how she does in the contest, in the future WE will be the real winners - "I really like writing so I might want to be an author,”

See what I mean?



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