Let's talk Apps.  Because, Apple....North Dakota has all the time in the world.

Seriously, it's cold out there y'all! So since we're all stuck inside for a little whiles, let's stir the pot.

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An article that I initially read in the "failing New York Times" highlighted the story of a North Dakota man that seemed to have a little extra time on his hands, and like most of the fly-over states, a bit of an ax to grind.  So Kyle Davidson was brought into the argument that is "Corporations like Google and Apple are continuing to make a ton of money off the backs of the good American people".  Well that cannot stand. Kyle?

Mr. Davison, a Republican, was focused on bills related to a $200,000 literacy program and birth records for the homeless. But he was intrigued by the lobbyist’s arguments that the tech giants were hurting small businesses, and he thought such a law could attract tech companies to North Dakota.

It's North Dakota Senate Bill 2333 and it is a doozy! This is a powerful bill that seems to be a little bit more on the national scale, than on the shoulders of a chirpy legislator from North Dakota. but, good news...our snowbird brothers and sisters from Arizona are hitting up their State Legislature with similar bills that challenge corporate revenue streams from apps. ND leads with what?

The North Dakota proposed law could change the way apps are distributed and paid for by prohibiting any app distribution service with $10 million or more in annual revenue from being the exclusive method in which the app is distributed for the operating system.

So if it continues, Kyle is bringing in the big lawyer guns to the North Dakota State Legislature.  At least we can sell them a few high priced meals while they're here.

Maybe a can of spagettios?

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