So what do we make of this? Is this something else we all need to worry about?

I hate seeing stuff like this. On social media, plastered for all of us to have something else to worry about? Do you know of anyone here in Bismarck/Mandan that stays off the internet? Someone who refuses to buy into the whole Facebook, Instagram thing? A friend of mine in Minot claims he NEVER goes on his computer, for fear of having any personal information leaked. His worries may be valid.

A warning from Google. Did this go out to just a few people?

Google recently put out a warning concerning hacking issues, YOUR privacy getting invaded. Now did this warning just go out to a few people here and there? Try 2 BILLION people. According to "Chrome users beware, attacks on Google’s browser are increasing rapidly and now multiple new hacks have been confirmed" The article went on to add that Google has "...revealed an eye-popping 25 new vulnerabilities have been discovered in the last two weeks. It rates seven of these as ‘High’ level threats"

Pretty scary when you stop and think about what kind of personal information you may have stored in your chrome

Even if you don't have any social media pages, how often do you use your computer? Do you pay your bills on it? How often do you check your banking information? A friend of mine here in Bismarck checks her account daily, as do I. The question that so many of us would really like to know is, how much of our lives are wide open for potential hackers to discover?

Google has a new update you can check out, but you are not guaranteed protection added that "Google has released a major new update for Chrome, version 96.0.4664.45." However, they also said that this doesn't guarantee immediate protection. For more information, I added a video you can watch and see what you can do to avoid getting burned.

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