I don't care how many days late I am writing this story, to me the whole thing is shocking

I promise you I'm not trying to sound like a bitter old man by saying this - "What happened to the days when people filled out applications for work, held their breath, crossed their fingers for the chance to get the news that they GOT THE JOB!" You may or may not agree with what I just said, but it's true. People actually wanted to work, no matter how much the salary was.

Growing up with the goal of one day becoming a teacher...

...this was always on my friend's mind - as a little girl, she wanted to be a teacher one day. I just heard from her the other day, she retired last year, loving her profession. The days when people knew just how vital teachers are - to our children. What is extremely shocking to me is North Dakota is at an EMERGENCY status when it comes to a shortage of teachers in the classrooms.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum is granting an emergency request

Please don't even begin to tell me that the main reason WHY we have a shortage of teachers is because of "Low Pay" - I find that hard to believe that people would let their integrity stoop down to that level - Where is the pride people have had in the past? Where TEACHING in a classroom is a privilege? According to forbes.com "North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum announced Tuesday ( August 8th ) the state will ease restrictions to allow student teachers to fill empty classrooms—adding to a number of strategies states have taken to address a lack of teachers or to deal with the reality of an inadequately staffed workforce"

Incredible isn't it?

Burgum reportedly told a news source that the North Dakota measure was " “a Band-Aid, not a permanent solution” to the shortage. Well you no doubt have heard that expression "ripping off a band-aid" - well according to quora.com "The idea is that taking off a band-aid slowly will still hurt, but will take longer and so hurt longer. You don't evade the pain by trying to take it off slowly" Let's all hope one day soon this all will resolve, and people who dream to be a teacher, will get to do so.

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