Well here is another "Doom and Gloom" story, and what do you know, the coronavirus has nothing to do with it. NASA seems to take great joy by telling us about asteroids ( the size of Bottineau ) , streaking across the solar system, that could end all of humanity, if the extra obese space rock hits planet earth. Time to panic? Hardly.

The odds of us getting wiped out, are almost as great as yours truly ( Bromo ) getting a second date. This latest pest-roid is projected to swish by and miss us by 3.9 million miles. This isn't some sudden find, NASA's GPS system, if you will, has had their eye on this bolder since 1987. They are telling us that the closest it could come-16.36 times the distance from Earth to the Moon ( or in layman terms, about the same amount of a miss at the 7th hole-from one of my errant tee shots at the Painted Woods golf course in Washburn,ND ).

The best thing you can possibly do, make sure you park your car in the garage on April 29th.You're welcome. For more on this, click here

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