It's no secret that Target has stores all across the country

There is an argument brewing among shoppers at Target stores ( By the way, this can take place in any department store ) - there you are on the weekend, and you pretty much have all your items in front of you, either in a basket or cart. When you are FINALLY ready to spend your money and get the heck out of there, have you checked to see exactly how many items you have? I mean some people know for sure ( usually they are a stranger looking at you ) - Last time I was in a Target store, for instance, I never noticed if specific men or women wearing a badge were in place to kick you out of the "10 items or less" line.

I called our very own Target store here in Bismarck and it didn't surprise the employee I talked to one bit...

...that some people do pay too much attention to someone else's shopping items. Once again though, this is an aggravation all across the country - according to  "SHOPPERS are fed up with Target's new self-checkout rule that often forces them to wait in long lines. The retailer recently implemented a 10 items or fewer policy for self-checkout at select stores"  Reason why they are doing this you ask? "... the initiative is meant to reduce wait times and "better understand guest preferences." Got it?

"How about more people manning the cash registers?"

That is a valid point made by some annoyed customers when they are "Kicked" out of the line. The bottom line is - try and chill out  -  I realize most people are trying to just go with the flow, and even Target knows that - "...  Target is working to improve its front-of-store experience"  TRY not and TARGET your angry Towards TARGET.

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