Well, why not? I don't think it's a silly question at all

No, I'm not a mailman by the way. Let's explore this for a little bit. Now I am quite aware that in today's world, most of us who do our taxes every year, have it set so that IF we are getting money back, it is conveniently deposited in our bank account.

How many times have you patiently been waiting for a letter or check to be delivered?

We all have at one point or another, been anxiously waiting for mail delivery - the problem is that most of us I'm sure take mail carriers for granted. If indeed you do get that big old fat rebate from our IRS friends, wouldn't you like to share the wealth just a tad? I mean, after all, you wouldn't be on your way to the bank without the efforts of our postal service - so put aside a $5 bill and show some love.

Not so fast Mr or Miss money-bags

Although the gesture is nice and your heart is in the right place, you will find that your local mail carrier will more than likely decline the gift. Here is the thing, even if they wanted to accept your tip, they could lose their job. Well, wait a minute, isn't there some way you can show your appreciation?

There is a fine line to it...

"If they were especially helpful this year, you can certainly tip them. However, the United States Postal Service employees are not able to accept any cash, check, or cash equivalent under federal regulations. They can accept a gift worth $20 or less, though" according to thehill.com  So there you go, and now it's time to get creative and figure out how to tip them in other ways - hey maybe a box of Girl Scout cookies? I'm pretty sure they are still $6 bucks a box!

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