Looking For A Job?  North Dakota Can Use You!  Ok, it sounds like an add for military recruitment, "Be all that you can be," but the state is serious, there is a shortage of contact tracers for Covid 19.  One of the key focus areas of the North Dakota Health Department is contact tracing, but who does the tracing?  Unfortunately, there is a shortage of workers filling those positions.

The process of contact tracing is simple; who's infected, who were they in contact with leading up to a positive test, who were those people in contact with, etc.  The problem is that it's labor intensive and the state doesn't have enough people to staff the phone banks seven days a week with the Governor's quota of tests (he wants to see 8,000 per day, up from the current tracing capacity of 6,000).  More tests mean that there is a need for more tracers, which we are already short of.

Now, throw in the testing plan from Higher Ed and kids (hopefully) going back to school and parents not working from home as much and you see where I'm going with this.  The State’s Director of Disease Control, Kirby Kruger, said that they need more people help make those calls. For every active case of COVID-19, the state is looking for five people to retrace steps and that number will only increase as people go back to work and kids go back to school.

So, if you're looking for a job, North Dakota can use you.  Contact North Dakota Job Service or the North Dakota Department of Health for more information.  Most people have spent way too much time on their phones during quarantine anyway, you might as well get paid for it and help your community at the same time.


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