This is one of those documentaries capturing unbelievable moments we may never forget

It happened so fast, minutes to be exact. George Perry Floyd Jr - an African-American man in his late 40s was questioned by Minneapolis Police back on May 25, 2020, outside a convenience store. The complaint was called in where Floyd was allegedly trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill. This took place in the early evening. The timetable from when an officer by the name of Derek Chauvin had his knee on Floyd's neck, face down on the ground, was reported at 8 minutes and 46 seconds. The whole nation watched the news and was informed that Floyd died that night at 9:25 - Hennepin County Medical Center emergency room.

This man's death was eventually ruled a homicide

As you can imagine - as you remember the tense moments months after that fateful night, four police officers were under investigation for the suspect's death - According to "On April 20, 2021, the jury found Chauvin guilty of all charges, including second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter. He was the first white Minnesota police officer to be convicted of murdering a black person"

The horror of a city out of control

The day after Floyd's death, peaceful protests began but erupted fairly quickly after that. Shocking videos of riots, fires, and mayhem. A city of of control. A documentary is out now titled "The Fall Of Minneapolis". so what is the focus of this documentary? According to The Fall Of Minneapolis Facebook page  "'The film is based on Liz Collin's Amazon bestseller, “They're Lying: The Media, The Left, and The Death of George Floyd,” which exposes the holes in the prevailing. narrative surrounding George Floyd's death, the trial of Derek Chauvin, and the fallout the city of Minneapolis has suffered ever since"

 “My opinion is that it’s not factually based … I think that it is partisan propaganda

There is no way a project like this can NOT stir up emotions. reported that Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison had this to say "I have not seen it, My opinion is that it’s not factually based … I think that it is partisan propaganda"   You can watch this yourself for FREE on YouTube:

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