Not to be outdone by Bud light, Buffalo Wild Wings stepped up to the plate. 

Buffalo wild wings decided to up the ante and are now offering free wings if the Superbowl goes into overtime.

Here's the official word from

The rest of us are hoping for overtime.

That’s because Buffalo Wild Wings has promised to give everyone in America a free snack-sized wings if the Super Bowl goes to an extra session. The promotion will be available at participating Buffalo Wild Wings nationwide from 4-7 p.m. local time on Feb. 18, provided OT happens.

It's interesting how these promotions come about. I'm curious qualitatively on how many chicken wings they would have to dole out compared to the benefit of word of mouth and of course marketing. It has to tip the scales in their favor pretty heavily.

I guess it's all about getting people in the stores. Hopefully, they don't charge extra for ranch dressing. 

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