Bar Crawls unlimited could possibly be a shell company. 

If you've seen these event postings on facebook for Margarita crawls or Mimosa crawls, please use caution. There is a company called Bar Crawls unlimited that has shown to put false ads on Facebook and encouraging people to buy tickets for them.

The parent company of bar crawls unlimited is Desert Sky Event Planning from Arizona and they, of course, have an F rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Kfyr TV did a story on this subject and it was good to know that The Blarney Stone was proactive in warning patrons for events that they were listed in might be false.

Here's an excerpt from the Kyfr story:

A company called Bar Crawls Unlimited puts up Facebook ads, like the ones in Bismarck, advertising trivia, game nights and prize packs for buying tickets. Complaints say the company doesn't post any information on bars and often cancels events without notifying ticket holders.

"They blame all the bars and then it reflects poorly on us because then people get mad at us even though the bars don't do anything wrong," said Thomas and Moriarty's co-owner, Stacy Sturm.


Please use caution when you are responding to these ads and try not to pay for tickets online.

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