This doesn't shock me one bit

You would think that most of us would learn by putting any personal information out through our computer, on the internet, that someone or a group of people would figure out how to steal - that's what hackers do. I have to admit that the luxury that is available these days is pretty amazing, by that I mean with just a couple of seconds of pushing a couple of buttons on your cell phone, you virtually accomplish anything. What I'm talking about is referred to as applications or apps for short. Almost every business seems to have one, for several reasons, the convenience factor, for example, let's say you're feeling hungry for a grilled chicken sandwich from Chic-fil-A here in Bismarck. Since you already downloaded the app, takes just seconds to open it up and place your order. Like I said before, anytime your personal information has been typed in, you could be a harmful statistic.

"Several Chick-fil-A are saying hackers got a hold of their app..."

According to "Several Chick-fil-A customers are saying hackers got a hold of their app and are swiping money from their linked bank accounts. The fast food company said they are aware of suspicious activity and are looking into claims as they come"  This actually was reported in Atlanta, but still Chick-fil-A is a nationwide chain, and Bismarck has one here, which is awesome. So like so many despicable thieves, they found a way to get inside someone's account and transfer money, making it look that easy. I write this article not to panic anyone or insinuate that any crime has happened here, I only hope that people are aware. "Chick-fil-A is committed to protecting our customers’ data and we are working quickly to resolve the issue," a spokesperson said added, and for me, that is quite comforting.


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