Here's a discussion on some songs to play when you're having a couple...

It's always great to sit down and have a nice drink when something good is playing on the jukebox. Normally its a song you have to put in yourself, but every once in a while it's good to be surprised on what you hear.
Then again ..if its a really good song or like 3 in a row, that bar becomes my home court bar. When I'm talking about good drinking songs , it's not the subject matter of the song is drinking like billboard would put out  on one of their eh lists. Just a carefully crafted and curated list of songs that would be pretty awesome to get bombed to.  Ok here's a list of some of them in no particular order:

  • Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe: Can't go wrong with blues man
  • Muddy Waters -Mannish Boy: Ditto
  • Elvis Presley- The Ghetto: Feels like he's talking about himself.
  • Guns and Roses- Nighttrain: Songs about wino liquor are cool !
  • Pantera - Cowboys from Hell : That opening riff from these Texas boys'll have you doing 5 shots of Crown in a row .
  • Neil Young -Down By the River; Neil is just about alcoholism ... Always feel like I'm in some snowy bar in Canada drinking when I hear his music.
  • Johnny Cash: A Boy name Sue: Cash is just straight whiskey man, bar none.
  • Kris Kristofferson - Best of all possible worlds: Tough guy country with a great storytelling... perfect for shots.
  • The Highwaymen -The Highwayman: Drinking a fruity drink is so out of place with these guys
  • The Outlaws - Ghost riders in the sky, and Green Grass and High tides: after about 12 minutes of song I'm in autopilot man.
  • Grateful Dead: Althea - Yeah most people smoke to the dead but getting through a bottle is pretty easy with this song on.
  • Led Zeppelin : Tangerine-The lighter side of Led off Zeppelin 3 is a nice little song to be happy about even after you can't feel your legs.
  • Rolling Stones: Monkey man: As advertised in the movie Good fellas .... without the drugs. Plus screaming I'm a Monkey ! when you're hammered is kind funny .

There's more of course ... just ran out of space but you probably get the idea .

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