Just when you think we have seen it all pertaining to our present year of 2020, something else creeps along. COVID-19 was unexpected and has demolished our economy, then there were reports of monster hornets the size of Volkswagens moving in. Memorial Day Police brutality sent protestors out into the streets - rioting, violence, destruction. What next?

United States mailboxes have been invaded with mystery. Some people may like mysterious things, nothing like a "little mystery" in a relationship, right? Keeps us on our toes. I like things pretty simple, I don't want to have to worry about receiving a package in the mail from someone or someplace I am unaware of. Yep, I'm a "bread and butter" kind of guy. A bizarre "scam" has hit cities like New York to Washington state - unsolicited ( as in what the heck, I never asked or ordered this ) shipments of seeds received from seemingly out of nowhere to random people. The suspicion is they are from China. The US Department of Agriculture has put it this way "the puzzling packages appear to be part of a “brushing scam” — where folks receive items they never ordered from a seller who then posts false customer reviews to boost sales".

Mystery solved I guess, right? Wrong - Agriculture officials say it's important that people DO NOT PLANT THE SEEDS. They go on to say that the danger is there, of possibly introducing invasive species, insects, and diseases. YIKES! Their suggestion is that if you receive a strange letter or box with seeds in them to immediately contact the local plant regulatory officials or the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service in their state.     

I'm going to go ahead say that if I receive even one lonely sunflower seed in my mailbox, I'm going to do everything in I can like calling in troops of men and women in hazmat suits and let them take over! For more on this weird story click here.




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