It was a fun night last night at Sickies Garage, here are some highlights.

A great deal of Bike Night attendees from years past finally showed up for the first time this year. It was great to catch up and it always brings a smile when you see a familiar face. We hope all of our Bike Night friends can be in attendance from here on out for the rest of this summer.

Some of those familiar faces included:

  1. Emma, everyone's favorite kid biker, showed up with her new black bike that she wanted to show off to everyone. That was pretty rad!
  2. We got to learn some funny nicknames, like Stynker and his gal Stynkerbell. Some of the other nicknames were too racy to mention in this article!
  3. Roughrider Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycle of Bismarck-Mandan had a nice old fashion bike-off with the sweet rides they showed up with.
  4. Girls with red pumps actually do show up at Bike Night, that's no myth.

It was definitely a fun party atmosphere at Bike Night yesterday with the old regulars making an entrance for the first time this year.  And once my shift was over, man let me tell ya, that cold beer tasted great!

As always, enjoy these photos, and come on out next week. We hope to see you there.

Bike Night 6/12



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