Last night was a fun Bike Night that had a nice interesting twist of bikes. WE HAVE A NEW FACEBOOK PAGE FOR BIKE NIGHT! CHECK IT OUT!!

The sun was out, the beer was flowing and the bikes were definitely out in full force at Sickies Garage for this week's Bike Night. There were some really nice bikes from Roughrider Harley Davidson on display as well as Indian motorcycle of Bismarck -Mandan. The regular patrons were there as well as some new ones. Here's what we learned:

  • There was a family that came all the way from Mississippi to come and hang out at Bike Night.
  • Emma and her little black bike need new batteries. It was a tough night for her.
  • Sickies is giving a staff member off each week to enjoy bike night as a civilian. They're using it as a staff incentive. Trust me, it's working, because they are pumped.
  • Harleywood Nights brought out the Fatboy they are giving away at the end of the summer as well as other bikes they are giving away during their live auction in August.
  • The Hogasaki made an appearance. This is a man built bike with a geo metro engine, complete with horse bench and what I thought was a milk urn to be used for storage. This was one of the most comfortable bikes to sit on and one of the most unique to look at.

All and all another fun week at Sickies Garage in North Bismarck!



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