It was a hot one last night at Bike night. 

It was a great turnout and a nice mix between regulars and newbies. 84 degrees at the start but definitely worth it once the beers started flowing. Yes, bike night episode 8 was another fun time checking out new bikes taking advantage of the shade and getting that super cool neck tatoo from Unreal Tatoos.

Here's what we learned:

  • Indian Motorcycle of Bismarck- Mandan has a lot of cool bikes, including the Chieftain they brought out last night.
  • Rain or heat, the regulars are loyal. I think they would be there during a hurricane!
  • Driven diva designs also have rings! Who Knew? I only thought they had girly stuff.
  • Mother nature is starting to respect Bike night.  Halfway through the heatwave, the breeze came in and about an hour later the rain, way after Bike night was over. It was almost like she was waiting for us to get done for once.

It was another fun event, so we'll see you next week!

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bike night 8-10
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