So the weather is fantastic finally! and I'm trying to figure out the benefits of Biking over running. 

If you're an exercise guy like I am, then you would enjoy both activities.  But what if you can only pick one? Which one is better for you? Which one would burn more calories?  Here's the comparison:

Biking:  Easy on your joints because you're not holding all your weight. Do have to get up to 18-19 mph for the intensity to burn serious calories.

Running: more of a full body workout burns more calories per minute than cycling does. The opportunity to get injured is higher due to the strain on body and joints.

According to Ask-Well, Both forms of exercise are great but what I got from this comparison is that Biking while inferior to running per se is gentler and there's less of a chance for injury so If you get injured a lot Just bike.

There's plenty of places to do that here in Bismarck-Mandan. I did the Bismarck expressway bridge the other day which is about a 1/2 mile up and down, good running workout. Also riding by the Missouri river on that trail is pretty sweet as well

Either way, enjoy this beautiful weather!


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