I get it, it's a very touchy subject, but it's very important to know that this dude IS the franchise.  Here's my reasoning. 

Coming back from an ACL is extremely difficult, especially when you're a freak athlete like Carson Wentz. From what I'm told it's the physical work and mental work that has to be 100% before you step on the field the first time after the injury.

In Carson's case (he doesn't want to hear this ) why rush him back? If he's not 100%, you got a guy in Nick Foles that can win some games in the meantime and there is no chance he will be the starter for the Eagles so why risk it? Why so he can have a setback week one ...Meaning Carson isn't mentally ready to play yet and maybe has a bad game?

If the assessment in camp is that he isn't ready then he shouldn't start till he's 100%  the Eagles have that luxury that most team's don't. They have a backup that won a Superbowl and a Starter when healthy can win like 4.

I'm just Sayin .....

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