The new Indianapolis Colts Quarterback and Bismarck, ND native is expecting another child. Carson Wentz put a picture on Instagram that they are expecting their child. This is awesome for Carson and his wife. Carson recently got traded to the Colts from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Many people are excited to watch Carson Wentz play this year to see what all he can do. Carson is a very talented football player and he played for a couple years at North Dakota State University where he was drafted to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Wentz's haven't said if it's a boy or girl but if it's a boy do you think he will play football just like his dad?

Carson Wentz is a great football player, dad and is talented in so many ways. Carson does a lot for the state of ND and has done a lot for NDSU and their program. I'm excited to see what the baby will be if they'll add a boy to the family or another girl. Either way you know the baby is in great hands.

Are you excited to see what Carson Wentz can do this year with the new team? I've been waiting patiently for the start of the football season and it's right around the corner. I hate to say it but it's not too far away and we all know what follows after football season the dreaded winter. Either way I'm excited for Carson Wentz and his wife and their new addition to the family.



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