If you are working today, here are some tips to help you get through the blizzard.

So here it is: the Big storm! If you're looking outside your window right now you probably see the blinding snow and the strong winds and you're first thought is ... I THOUGHT SPRING WAS COMING? Here are some ideas to get through the storm day if you're working:

  1. Don't look out the window: It's hard to focus when you see all that white snow out there. All you want to think about is making angels and drinking hot cocoa .
  2. If you're working outside good luck man: Make sure you have a warm thermos for soup,coffee, or a nice little whiskey flask( if you're job allows it ). Also it's probably easier to wear under armor type clothing than layering up so you have flexibility to move.
  3. Don't go for that 20 minute drive at 12n on I 94 to have that cigarette: Unless you have four wheel drive on the car.
  4. Be very patient: That food delivery driver is going to be a little late due to the weather so make sure you don't flip out on him /her.
  5. Soup it up!: Nothing says Blizzard than a nice hot bowl of soup preferably Knoephla soup mmmm!
  6. Make sure you check on your elderly family: Usually it's hard to move around outside during bad weather so checking on them would be important especially if any accidents happen within the house.
  7. Make sure you're pets are indoors: Unless you have a pet Moose or Caribou,   most pets run for cover when there is bad weather so make sure they are taken care of indoors.

Most importantly Relax, you're already prepared for the storm so It would just be helpful to ride it out.

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