This video came out not long ago. A mother trying to console her daughter after the abuse she received from a bully. I posted this 13 days ago - this is the damage a person or persons with zero compassion for others cause

Alyssa Johnson had posted this as well on her Facebook page

 My daughter is going through a hard time lately. She’s dealt with bully’s in school all year and now she’s being bullied by the friend that she was closest with out here.. It’s gotten so bad - She suffers with depression & anxiety the way it is

All Alyssa wanted for her daughter was for people to wish her a happy birthday.

Kaprie was about to turn 13, her mom reached out to BisMan, a simple plea for any kind souls to mail her a birthday card - she gave out her home address and then sat back and hoped people would respond.

Wow the response from others was beyond Alyssa's imagination.

I messaged her yesterday, curious to how the past 13 days have treated Kaprie - Check this out!  She’s receiving not just Birthday Cards, she’s gotten gifts, upon gifts, upon gifts!! Yesterday I think she received about +10 boxes alone, not including the birthday cards. It is so beyond amazing what this community has done & honestly it’s not just our community either! I have had people from all over the states wishing her A Happy Birthday & sending her gifts! Someone gave her a $100.00 bill, another person bought her a Mongoose Bike that cost around +$200.00. I mean she is so beyond Blessed. 

Huge hearts from all across the country have reached out

People from Arizona, Missouri, Alabama, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Nevada, Illinois, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina, West Virginia,

This is what a special birthday party looks like when a young girl is surrounded by love

In closing, for all that have been bullied in the past or even going through it now, just know that GOODNESS overpowers the weak insecure awful people who try and make others miserable.



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