BisMan -Beware of your blood pressure rising...

...most of us, North Dakotans, can say we are fairly used to construction popping up out of nowhere - around our neighborhoods, busy roads we frequently travel almost every single day. When I'm on one of our highways, and I see a familiar-looking work sign just ahead, my first thought is "Uh oh, some major delays coming" - I saw one last Friday, so get ready!


The one thing I do want to make clear is at least they give you a pretty good heads-up

That is definitely a good thing. NDDOT gives you a fair warning to plan alternate routes, YOUR job is to try and remember this. So if you travel the same way home that I do every weekday afternoon - From the strip here in Mandan, onto the Expressway, and then just about an exit away is the I-94 Eastbound on-ramp - THAT will be closed tomorrow - Tuesday, September 19th.

Well okay, how long will I have to take alternate routes?

That is the burning question, here is the frustrating answer - according to NDDOT - " The North Dakota Department Of Transportation is beginning construction work on Interstate 94 to prepare for a Grand Marsh Bridge ( Missouri River bridge ) 2024 project. Starting Tuesday, September 19th,  The Bismarck Expressway to eastbound Interstate 94-on-ramp will be closed...

Soooo how long will it take, roughly?

...The project is expected to be completed by mid-November"

Remember now, keep a cool head tomorrow, and plan out your alternate routes ahead of time! Good luck to all of us.

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