We all have people to see, and places to go, and sometimes the posted speed limit signs seem a little too slow.

Cough cough... Washington St.. cough cough.

The 'You Probably Won't Get in Trouble' Rule

There is an unwritten rule many drivers follow where they believe you can go 6-10 miles per hour over the speed limit without getting pulled over.

Is this just a false sense of security we give ourselves? Do police officers really waste their time going after people who are only going over the limit by a teensy bit?

If you do follow this 'Rule,' I would err closer to 6 miles per hour over, to be safe, because I'm sure some do.


Is There Some Legal Leeway?

According to drivinglaws.org, if you violate North Dakota's basic speeding laws, you may get fined $30.

Authorities have a tiered system as to how much you get fined. Basically, the more you're speeding, the more you're going to pay when you get caught.

If you're going 6 to 10 mph over the speed limit, you may get fined for each mile per hour over the limit, according to the source.

According to mrspeedingticket.com, if you are caught going 6 mph over the speed limit, you would get fined an initial $5, then $1 per mile you were going over the posted limit.

The Answer?

-- Yes, it is illegal to go 10 mph over the limit in North Dakota. That said, with the fine being so low and officers being so busy, it would probably be okay to assume if you're going under 6mph over the speed limit, an officer wouldn't bother pulling you over and issuing a fine.

Now, if you do get in trouble for that, don't blame me; I'm just speculating.



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