An amazing group of people who have turned their life around and want to give back

That's what WE do in recovery. One of the first things you come to realize when your rock bottom has hit even lower is to surrender 100% for yourself - WHEN you want to receive help, and you are finally ready. Nobody can help anyone until they are willing, and if they are not, it's just an ugly vicious cycle that keeps repeating. Jacob Doctor knows all about this, for he is in recovery himself, and so am I - recovery of addiction.

His company is called Redemption Junk removal

"We are a Christian-owned business we value our customers and we service the Bismarck / Mandan area and surrounding towns give us a call at 701-400-4917 if you need junk hauled !!!"  What really impresses me is his drive and passion to help others, you just read his work details, and now he and his team are focusing on giving back, doing what they can to help others in need - he said it perfectly in their post: " Our team is in recovery and have experienced homelessness in many ways. And we want to give back to our community and impact people in a way they feel loved"

Here is something we all can help with

Their goal is to reach $15,000, and this is where you come in. Redemption Junk Removal is having a sock drive - check it out:


Hello we are doing a sock drive / nights to sleep in a hotel this winter for the homeless community and those struggling with addiction
We are asking you if you would like to partner with us either financially or by donating new long socks .
Our goal is to reach $15,000
That will give 250 homeless people a night to sleep in a hotel this winter each night would cost around $60
And we would cover the rest of the cost if there would be any!
Please pray over this and our team will be doing the same we pray for a great outcome and appreciate you choosing to be a part of this. You can contact us on Facebook at our business page redemption junk removal Or personally message me on Facebook or over text - thank you  - 701-400-4917
 Jacob also gave me this -

Address to send socks to and check written out have in a memo for donations 110 Oakes ave Mandan ND 58554. 

This is a perfect way for all of us to give what we can and help out those in need.

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