Ok, so now that our world seems to be opening up a bit, and life is coming back to normal - NOW it's time to get out and do what we imagined we would, all that time we were stuck during the pandemic. For me, it was the coolest thing to see just how many people arrived at the Bismarck Event Center just last month. We had to be patient as Foreigner postponed their earlier dates to come here, but when the doors opened on June 26th, all I saw were huge smiles and people loving the freedom of seeing a live concert. I asked one guy where he was sitting, and all he said was that he and his wife couldn't care less how much it would cost, they just wanted the best seat available.

I was out shopping the other day and overheard someone on their cell complaining that "Why are you WASTING your money on going to the river every weekend?"  - As I thought to myself trying to stay out of it, to each his own - whether you want to spend your extra cash on ordering things on-line, to going out to a movie or eating out at restaurants - it's whatever makes you happy. About 10 seconds after that woman's phone call. her phone rang, and again the whole store heard her conversation "Oh wonderful, I ordered those personalized dog sweaters months ago, can you overnight them to me? I don't care how much it cost"

Money is meant to enjoy, quit giving others a RUFF time.



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