I wrote an article last week about how many people I have come across that are THRILLED to be able to go to concerts again. Just goes to show you how many things we take for granted without even giving it a second thought, then COVD-19 comes in and shuts down everything, One of the bands that were scheduled to come to the  Bismarck Event Center - Foreigner - has had to reschedule a couple of times. Now barring any unforeseen circumstances, they won't keep us waiting any further - June 26th they will bring it to us! Do you have your tickets? How much would you be willing to pay for a pair if they were sold out? Some people don't have a limit - then there are those that will take advantage of any current situation and exploit people for all it's worth. This past weekend I came across an article of a perfect example.

NME wrote about a US promoter literally punishing fans who have not been vaccinated. An upcoming punk show in St. Petersburg, Florida (the same night that we will be loving Foreigner here in town) will have a price range from a comfortable $18 dollars, to $999 bucks. WHY the difference? Better seats right? Wrong. "In a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus," Paul Williams of Leadfoot Productions "has instituted a price of $18 per ticket for those who have been fully vaccinated, and $999.99 for those who haven’t NME writes."

Wow. I understand the point Williams and his production company is trying to get across - to be safe. On the flip-side, though other people are giving the "on your honor" approach - trusting those that say they "got the shot" to be true. Let's come to a common ground,  NOT try and punish others for their own beliefs.


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