I really haven't stopped to think ( until now ) about all the odd things people do at the drive-thru-lanes

Maybe because I am at fault for some of these silly infractions. I have heard many times that some people ask for their coffee to be "Extra Hot" - I was at a Starbucks here in Bismarck recently and someone insisted that their order be more heated than a lava flow. Now unless the barista puts a blow torch to it, how much hotter can you get it?

Now let's pull out the really  annoying things that seem to happen while you are sitting there

I ALWAYS seem to be the customer behind the guy who appears to be on this planet for the very first time. For instance, someone who just stares at the menu board not having a clue what they want, THEN their passenger acts the same way accordingly. Another irking moment for me is when I clearly, and slowly say my order " I would like a cheeseburger, PLAIN...just the meat, cheese, and the buns" This is when the insanity for me really kicks in, WHY didn't I take a quick second to make sure my order was correct? According to thetakeout.com "Anyone who doesn’t check the bag before driving away must have the most immense faith in the universe that everything will work out for the best"

One of the most annoying habits for those that work in fast-food restaurants....

....are those that try and change their order when they get to the window to pay. I'm quite sure that there are a ton of other things that drive people crazy at the drive-thru.


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