All the time we spent indoors in the last 3 months or so, did your mind ever venture out onto the golf course? The coronavirus swept in and grounded us all. We were handcuffed to our homes with "Social Distancing" swirling in the air, when are we ever going to be free to slice a tee-shot into the trees again? The baby-steps have come out, and now restaurants are open, sitting in a cordoned-off area, but still, we are out and about! The game of golf is now in full swing ( yes pun intended ), courses are open to the public, special COVID-19 guidelines in place. I think I'll wait, you see with my astronomical handicap I don't feel like losing 47 golf balls. Instead, I will be out at our traditional Bar Golf. All the fun takes place next Saturday - June 13th. We still have room for you to get your team together. Teams consist of five people, including the necessary and extremely important designated driver. Your arsenal of skilled golfers ( and drinkers ) will take a fun tour of some of the coolest bars in town. We'll see how your putter treats you after five or six drinks.

Jerome's Distributing has great prizes for 1st,2nd,& 3rd place. To register your team, head to our FREE 96-5 The Fox APP. You have until Monday to get on board. Check out the line-up of bars that are involved:

Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse

Stadium Sports Bar and The Lodge

Lucky's Bar


The Scapegoat Bar

Stage Stop Saloon & Grill

Pub 21

The Elbow Room

Cheap Shots Sports Grill

The Lonesome Dove

So get going, take your balls ( golf balls ) and start putting, feel free to practice all through the house, maybe pretend like you're in the sand trap ( your cat's litter box ), and if there is alcohol involved, STAY PUT. Sleep off the double or triple shots ( and bogeys ) and we'll see YOU, your sober driver, and the rest of your team out on the INSIDE links. Bar Golf 2020 is happening!


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