The game of golf is one of the hardest sports out there, not so much physically, but definitely mentally. They say in North Dakota - "You don't like the weather, then wait a minute a minute"  - Well Mark Twain said it as well, and he was a crappy golfer. That expression explains how quick things can change, NOT in golf. Every dog has his day, but not on the golf course. My whole point is that golf is H A R D, you might get a couple of lucky bounces here and there, but overall if you are just plain awful at the sport it's going to be a loooooong day out on the links. The weekend recreational player should have the mind-set to just have fun, but so many people get competitive that ruins 18 holes of play. Getting back to good old Mr. Twain, he once said that "Golf is a good walk spoiled" He never did experience one of the greatest moments in life - a hole-in-one.

The beauty of holing out a shot from the tee box is what EVERY golfer dreams of. Heck, there have been professionals who appeared at an exhibition hitting 500 balls and haven't achieved an ace. Now here is the beautiful thing, remember this name Rocco Figaretti. He practices quite a bit, and he drained the hole on a perfect shot at a Oglebay Park’s Par 3 course out in West Virginia. Word is that his caddie Barney the dinosaur was not by his side, see I forgot to mention this, Rocco is four years old. FOUR!..Not FORE.

Reminder to all of us hackers, don't QUIT just because a kid who probably got done wearing diapers a couple of months ago, captured the holy grail. Lastly, I'm pretty sure this kid was not buying shots of milk for everyone at the 19th hole - he just went home with his prized ball and took a nap. Check out his shot right here.


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