I am a single man living in Bismarck with two cats. I am aware that women may find that not so "macho" like, but I have never been the swinging bachelor type anyway. When I lived in Fargo, I adopted a cat, I quickly named her "Fe-Lon" - you see her past owner had just been sent to prison for robbing a bank, and the cat was left all alone - hence the name I gave her "Fe-Lon" for FELON. An inside joke kind of. I was content with just her until I saw on Facebook almost two years ago that a kitten was rescued, on the highway, badly injured just outside of Max. I put my name on a list, and three weeks later I adopted Bromita. I give you this personal information because I believe that adopting animals is the BEST thing you can possibly do. There is a cat or dog that needs a home and your love - simple as that. So please pardon my screaming at you, but BISMARCK ANIMAL CONTROL needs families, single guys, anyone who can open up your hearts and adopt.

   KXNET reports that "Bismarck Animal Control is seeing a large amount of cats being impounded. Out of 36 kennels, 26 of them are filled with cats from Siamese, to a mother and her kittens."  One of my fears, when I heard about this story - if the cats are not adopted by a certain time, are they euthanized? The answer to that is Animal Control does whatever they can to avoid that. For more on this story and what YOU can do please click here.



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