I am new to Bismarck, arrived here last Friday along with two cranky cats, a PS4 and my 2001 Chevy Impala (that goes 0-60 mph in 6 minutes). All the rigors from my move from Minot to here went fairly smooth, with the exception of my older feline unloading her violent case of diarrhea INSIDE the cat carrier.

I learned three days later that we have a thief in our residence - a text was sent to me, warning all of us tenants that someone is walking away with packages that are not their own, and for all of us to "keep our eyes open" for such thievery. Would it not be simple enough to have a camera aimed towards the mail room? How about turning our awful crime spree into a brand new episode of CSI: Bismarck? How many of us have been ripped off by petty loose fingered crooks?

The lousy part of this whole thing is, now we are all lurking around our apartment complex. Everyone's eye-balling each other, silently accusing, and condemning one another. I say, "Fight fire with fire." If the thief rips off my package, he/she is in for a CRAPPY cat crate surprise. Karma is a powerful thing.

Do you have a stinky bandit at your apartment?


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