What's the scariest thing you have ever seen? For me, it's every morning when I get up and look in the mirror (stupid mirror). Have you ever seen a real-life ghost? Some people become spooked by horror movies, one of them, in particular, is considered the most frightful flick of all time - 'The Exorcist' - 1973 film based on an exorcism on a young girl. Well, there is an ongoing true story here in Bismarck that goes beyond your most horrific imagination. Continue reading at your own risk.....

  A FB post from Brooklyn Seime: 

**Looking for cat help**

Figured this was the biggest group locally to ask for a recommendation. I have a very...strong-willed cat, when it comes to baths, and he will destroy anything and everything in his way. (We’ve never successfully given him a bath. I think the closest “bath” he’s gotten was us doing a baptizing style dip and release; no shampoo‍♀️)
So..any groomers out there that are fairly good with cats that are...demonic crack heads?
He’s stinky and needs it!
                          I contacted Brooklyn, from afar, last night. She told me on the phone that people have responded to her plea for help by these wise remarks "Hey listen, cats clean themselves, they don't need a bath"   
                          Now a quick history on this devilish feline, when Brooklyn and her husband adopted the cat from KITTY CITY in Mandan, they were under the assumption that Kate was a female - later on, they were told by a vet that the "Dude Looks Like A Lady" (sorry Aerosmith) is actually a male. So the name shifted to Katey. Perhaps that's one of the reasons he is so pissed off (or HISSED off). Brooklyn says their cat stinks, smells like some unpleasant cat litter. This is no joke, a word of warning to ANYBODY who thinks they can come into the Seime household and sweet talk the cat into a charming bath of cool water and bubbles -"Katey WILL claw and destroy body limbs"  
                        You may hear violent screams in the near future, followed by someone driving their car the hell out of town, just back off, and avoid the area. Brooklyn does have some leads she is following up on how to UN-STINK a feline.


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