We have all heard that expression "His bark is worse than his bite" - well I came across this on social media, that affects everyone who loves taking their four-legged friends out to socialize at a neighborhood dog park, and the "Bite" of this story will be way worse than the bark.

"Beware of Dog Parks: Canine Parasite Has Evolved Resistance to All Treatments"

That's the headline from scitechdaily.com that grabbed my attention this morning. Not to ruin your dinner or anything like that, but do you know what a Hookworm is? It's a nasty unpleasant parasite - healthline.com describes it this way "Hookworms are parasites. This means they live off other living things. Hookworms affect your lungs, skin, and small intestine" Hookworms are common to our dogs.

Are these annoying hookworms and parasites easy to get rid of?

Unlike human parasites (your uncle or relative) where you can just tell them to get off your couch and leave, the hookworms are starting to build a defense - deflecting any attack from veterinarians.

 U.S. veterinarians rely on three types of drugs to kill the hookworms

scitechdaily.com added this "Right now, U.S. veterinarians rely on three types of drugs to kill the hookworms, but the parasites appear to becoming resistant to all of them" Dogs easily can pick up parasites from fecal matter left behind. Humans are not immune to it either. Some experts have suggested advice you probably don't want to hear.

Ray Kaplan, professor of veterinary parasitology “Personally, I would not take my dog to a dog park. If your dog picks up these resistant hookworms, it’s not as easy as just treating them with medication anymore.” So what now? I would guess the best thing you can possibly do is just watch your surroundings better - survey part of the dog park, and confine you and your pooch to Poop-Less -Free areas.

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